Bluedash produces software for small businesses and sole traders.

These are the main Bluedash software products.

Software Modules
- The software is made available in modules which can be purchased individually or as a suite.
Online booking module
- The Online booking module is suitable for anyone who takes bookings to meet clients.
-We can set up your business to accept bookings over the Internet 24/7
- all your information will be securely stored in the Cloud.
- this is a simple customer relationship management application.
-documents a Client's physical condition
-prepares a suitable list of exercise for that condition
-standard templates are used for the exercises
-these are customised for each client
-for typical cases a standard programme of exercises can be used.
-standard programs, and the exercises in them, can be customised for each client's needs.
All client information will be securely stored in the Cloud.

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Assessment Overview

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Dynamic Assessment

This is the Bluedash Online Booking Calendar. It is designed to make booking of appointments more efficient, more customer friendly and more profitable.

Main components → Main Calendar →On Line Calendar →Client

Open the 'Online Test Calendar' and try it out.
Register as a client if not already registered.
See how simple it is to use our online booking system.

The Main Calendar.

  1. It is used to set up the Online Bookable slots by right clicking on the time slot and selecting --Create Internet Bookable Time Slots--.
  2. Once a slot has been created on the Main Calendar it becomes available for Booking on the Online Booking Calendar.
  3. Bookings made Online are displayed on the Main Application Calendar with a tag identifying them as Online Bookings.

The Online Calendar.
  1. It displays the slots created for Online Booking on the Main Calendar.
  2. These slots can be booked by clicking on the desired slot (registering if not registered) and logging in.
  3. Once a slot has been selected on the Online Caledar it shows up as booked on the Main Calendar and it is no longer visible on the Online Booking Calendar.

What the Client sees

  1. A simple intuitive interface easy to use.
  2. Only the time slots that are available, to the client, for Online Booking.
  3. Each User\Resource colour coded to make it easier to search the Online Calendar for times that the User\Resource is available.
  4. An Online Calendar that is divided into time periods and then into days and weeks. which makes it easier to select time slots and to view any upcoming appointments.

Use the Demonstration System to (1) make or cancel a booking or
(2) to manage all your bookings.

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Client Online Booking

This short video demonstrates how Online bookings are made. It shows how the Online Bookable slots are created, how they are presented to the client for selection and finally how the client can manage their Bookings including reviewing all of their past bookings and cancelling upcoming bookings.

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Create Recurring Appointments.

This video demonstrates short cuts for marking up the Online Calendar. The slots can be marked up using days eg every Monday every week, or every Monday every second, third or fourth week etc. It can limit the classes by specifying the number of classes or the date at which the classes will end. It also checks to ensure that the resource\user is not double booked.

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Set Resource and User Costs

This video demonstrates how to set the costs that a client will be charged to book a User or Resource. Charges can be set using no more than three clicks. This simple setup will suit many enterprises. However, if you want more detail it can be provided. Different charges can be set for members and non-members, for each hour of the day and durations starting at 15 minutes and stetching to a full day. To simplify use of the system it automatically calculates charges for each event.

Client Benefits ---1

An Online booking facility is highly valued by customers for its flexibility and availability.
Clients can make Online Bookings 24/7 which suits many modern lifestyles.
Clients can continue to book as they have done in the past.
Clients can easily select and book unbooked Online Time slots through the Online Diary.
Clients can manage their online and offline bookings bookings .

Client Benefits ---2

The Online Calendar advertises to new and existing clients the appointment slots that are available for online booking.
Clients can, day or night, secure Online Time Slots to suit their schedules.
If a client's schedule changes then they can manage their bookings to match, within reason.
Clients are emailed confirmation of their bookings.

Owner Benefits. --1

Increases efficiency and profitability.
The Online Calendar lists out all the times that are available, notes client details, sends out reminders, calculates charges and administers the account.
If the client picks the time they are less likely to be a no show creating increased productivity.
Client retention is increased. Leading to reduced marketing costs and increased profits.

Owner Benefits. ---2

You can access your data from several computers and from several locations.
Membership or class subscriptions renewals letters can be easily printed, emailed and texted. All correspondence is recorded.
Automatic reminders are issued by email and\or SMS and Clients will get a text reminder 24 hours before an appointment
You do not need a website.

Getting Set Up: The three main options are listed below.

1) Have a website?

Link your Online Calendar to your existing website.
The Online Calendar is yours and is not shared in any way with anybody else.
The link can made by providing a button on your site that opens the Calendar in a new browser window or by embedding the Calendar in your site.

2) Don't have a website?

The expense of registering a domain name and managing a website is not for everybody. However, we can set you up with a basic site with a convenient name such as which you can use to take bookings. We will maintain the site for you.

3) Don't want a website?

We can provide a link to your online calendar from our website at The online calendar highlights the times that you (and your staff) are available for appointments.

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