Online Bookings

Online Bookings are a major element in customer service.
If you can't do it then you are probably losing customers to your competitors who can accept online bookings.

Main Application Calendar.

The Main Application Calendar is used to create the online bookable time slots.
They are created by right clicking the required User or a Resource on the Main Calendar and selecting ---Create Bookable Time Slot---.

This is a simple two click operation.

The Main Calendar is also used to record appointments received over the phone or at the front desk.

This website is used to demonstrate how Online Bookings slots are created for selection by existing or new clients.

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Online Bookable slots.

Online Bookable slots can only be created on the Main Calendar by staff members and can never be created by clients.

The Online Calendar displays, for all to see, the time slots created on the Main Calendar. It makes these available for booking, by registered clients,on the Online Calendar.

In this example 5 online bookable slots have been created on the Main Calendar and these are automatically displayed as 5 Online Bookable Slots on the Online Calendar.

NB: These are not appointments.
They are markers to tell the User that these time slots are available, to the public, for booking Online.

N.B. These slots are also available for booking by staff using the Main Calendar.

They are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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The Online Calendar.

Points to note about the display.
  1. The Online Bookable Calendar only displays time slots that are available for Online Booking.

  2. Each User\Resource can be colour coded to make it easier for the client to search the Online Calendar for times, suitable for the client, that the resource\user is available.

  3. The Online Calendar is divided into time periods and then into days and weeks. This makes it easier for a Client to select time slots and to view any upcoming appointments.

  4. Bookings made Online are displayed on the Main Application Calendar with a tag identifying them as Online Bookings.

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The Main Application Calendar and the Online Booking Calendar side by side.

In this case six Online Bookable time slots have been created on the Main Application Calendar.

One time slot has been booked Online which means that only five of these remain visible on the Online Booking Calendar.

The booking is tagged to show that it was made Online. When an Online slot is booked its description on the Main Application Calendar changes from 'Internet Bookable' to 'Internet Booking". The client's name, any text entered by the Booker when making the appointment and the client's telephone number' are also added.
The booking disappears from the Online Booking Calendar and is no longer available for booking, online or otherwise.

It can be reset in two ways. The Client can cancel the booking or the enterprise owner can cancel the appointment. It will then be available again for booking.

Only registered Client's can make bookings.

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Some short videos on Benefits for Clients and Business owners.

Play Video on Online Bookings

How to create Online Bookable time slots without modifying the website.

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Play Video on Appointments

How to speed up and simplify setting Online Bookable time slots.

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Play Video on Charges

How to set charges for booking Users or Resources with a 3 click setup.

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There are three options available for Setting Up an Online Booking System

Have a website?

Link the Online Calendar that we will create for you to your existing website. There are two ways we can do this
1) add a button to your website which can be used to activate the Online Calendar. or
2) Embed the Online Calendar in a new page on your website.

Don't have a website?

We can get you started with a low cost solution which will provide you with a basic site. It will have a convenient name such as However, if you are considering setting up a website we can work with your site developer to include our Online Booking Calendar in your website.

Don't want a website?

to an Online Calendar prepared for your business.
Your clients can log on to our website and select your business and make a booking. Thios booking will show up on your Main Calendar and you will be able to accept or, it suits you, cancel the booking.

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